Input and oversight from citizens has been a critical component of the Redevelopment of Riverfront Park.

Design Steering Committee

Chris Wright, Chair
Theresa Sanders, City Administrator
Andy Dunau, Park Board
Councilman Snyder
Councilman Allen
Ted McGregor, Park Board
Andrew Rolwes, DSP
Carol Neupert, Parks Foundation
Cheryl Kilday, Visit Spokane
Dan Schaffer, Outdoor Recreational Rep
Hal McGlathery, Seniors Rep
John Matt, Spokane Tribe
Julie Neff, City of Spokane
Matthew Collins, Architect
Rick Romero, Mayors Admin
Mike Malsam, Spokane Public Schools
Rick Betts,Hoopfest
Scott Simmons, Mayors Admn

Public Art Committee

Jim Kolva, Spokane Arts
Rick Eichstadt, Spokane Arts
Ginger Ewing, Spokane Arts
Chris Wright, Park Board
Dr. Sam Selinger, Park Board
Ted McGregor, Park Board

ADA Advisory Committee

Acess 4 All / Accessible Communities Advisory Committee