The Riverfront Park Design Steering Committee is a temporary ad hoc committee consisting of three Park Board members (the Park Board President and Riverfront Park Committee Chair and a third member appointed at large by the Park Board President), a previous member of the Design Review Commission and other citizen, City staff and City Council appointees. The Steering Committee is supported by Riverfront Park Redevelopment staff. The committee uses a consensus-based decision making process when making recommendations to the Park Board.

The Riverfront Park Design Steering Committee recommendations will include consultant selection and whether the overall look and feel of what is being proposed maximizes the vision set forth in the Riverfront Park Master Plan. This includes the following attractions, infrastructure and amenities:

  • U.S. Pavilion Event Center including related buildings
  • Plazas & Promenades (related Landscape including Canada Island)
  • Leasable Shelters
  • Multi-media Exhibit/Pavilion
  • Lighting/Infrastructure/Furnishings
  • Looff Carrousel/Exhibit Design
  • Recreational Rink & Skyride Facility
  • Signage/Wayfinding
  • Bridge Repair/Replacement
  • All Playgrounds, Public Art, and Parking Lots

In addition, the Design Steering Committee will review recommendations from the Family Use, Arts and Tribal committees before they are submitted to the Park Board.


Chris Wright, Committee Chair, Park Board President

Theresa Sanders, City Administrator


Julie Neff, City Planning

Cheryl Kilday, Visit Spokane

Rick Betts, Hoopfest Board

Carol Neupert, Spokane Parks Foundation

Hal McGlathery, Retired, Past RFP Director

Matthew Collins, Uptic Studios

John Matt, Spokane Tribe Heritage Coordinator

Mike Malsam, Assistant Principal at Lewis & Clark

Dan Schaffer, Inland Northwest Trails Association

Andrew Rolwes, Downtown Spokane Partnership

Ted McGregor, Park Board

Scott Simmons, City Business & Developer Services

Rick Romero, City Finance


Jon Snyder, City Council

Mike Allen, City Council

Andy Dunau, Park Board